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Online Diet & Nutrition Consulting

Accredited Practising Dietitians

Online consultations can be conducted Australia wide

Eat Smart Nutrition provides consulting via Zoom or Skype, FaceTime or telephone for those who live away from clinic locations, are unable to attend in the office or who simply find it more convenient to attend an appointment digitally.

You can have the benefit of an Eat Smart expert giving you sports nutrition, gastrointestinal health, weight loss or general healthy eating advice from the comfort of your own home or wherever you are in the world.

For people who are unable to come in for an appointment, or its simply more convenient to consult with us outside of consulting hours, we would be happy to schedule an online appointment to create your sporting or life performance plan.
Some conditions are best addressed face-to-face such as those wanting to have body composition measures taken, or those seeking treatment for an eating disorder, to achieve the best nutritional outcomes.

This service is conducted on a prepaid basis and you may pay by clicking on the Paypal buttons below.

The cost is $120 for the initial consultation and a review consultation is $60.
Please note a review consultation can only be booked after a successful initial consultation.

Unfortunately, Medicare and Private Health insurance do not regard an online, Skype or telephone consultation as a consult worthy of a rebate. We are hoping this will change in the future and will certainly let you know when this ruling changes. Until this time, you cannot claim any portion of this consultation on Medicare or Private Health Insurance (individual Private Health Funds may vary, so best to check with your fund first).

Eat Smart chose Paypal as the payment gateway for it’s renowned security and because it takes all Visa and Mastercard credit cards without having to have a Paypal account.

Initial Consultation with a Dietitian – $120

Review Consultation with a Dietitian – $60

Alternatively contact us via email at and we will reply within 24 hours.