Joseph Spelta

I’m Joseph, I hold dual accreditation as a Dietitian and Exercise Physiologist and can counsel anyone to improve health.

I lead the Eat Smart Capalaba Clinic, and have been helping clients improve their health and performance via nutrition and exercise for the last 10 years! This location accepts clinical referrals and private clients. I love seeing the changes in clients from a healthy eating plan and appropriate training.

Having a young family, and running a busy practice, I have had to change my own training priorities, I still find time for a few Gym/HIIT sessions and park runs every week! I'm aiming to get my 100th park run completed in 2019 (PB 0:21:36)!
If I'm lucky I can manage a trip to go get frustrated on the golf course!

With every client I always try to:
Empower change within individuals to create healthy lifestyle choices.
Provide the challenges and motivation to push clients to their potential.

Specialty Practice Areas:
Clinical - Weight loss for Obstructive Sleep Apnoea; Newly diagnosed and long term Type 2 diabetes; Cardiovascular Disease (Hypertension and Cholesterol control); Men's Health, Mental Health; Osteoporosis.
Sports - Body Composition manipulation (Muscle building and fat loss).

Capalaba Clinic:
Monday: 8am-6pm , Weekly
Wednesday: 8am-6pm, Weekly
Saturday: 8:40am – 12:00pm Fortnightly