Chicken Asparagus Involtini


"What’s for dinner?  Not meat & 3 veg again!"
Here’s a few fancy meat & 3 veg recipes to stop the whingeing

Chicken and Asparagus Involtini (Serves 4)

600g chicken breast fillets
1/3 cup reduced fat ricotta
2 teaspn olive oil
2 zucchini, sliced
8 spears fresh asparagus
1 cup shredded spinach
1 X 400g jar pasta sauce
½ bunch rocket
  1. Slice chicken lengthways into 8 slices.  Press the slices to flatten them.
  2. Cook asparagus in boiling water for 1 minute or until tender, drain and rinse under cold water.
  3. Combine ricotta and spinach, season with salt and pepper and spread over the chicken slices.  Top with asparagus and roll up. Secure with toothpicks.
  4. Heat oil in non-stick frypan and cook chicken over medium heat until browned and cooked through.
  5. Add the sauce to pan and heat through. Lift out the chicken and remove the toothpicks.
  6. Meanwhile steam the zucchini until just tender.
  7. Serve with chicken, sauce and rocket