Nutrition Tips - Resolutions that Stick


Resolutions that stick: Not just for January and February

Is eating healthier or losing weight one of your New Year's resolutions?

Following a fad diet, or being overly restrictive, will not help you achieve your health goals. Try making long lasting change by focusing on the strategies (the in-between steps that will get you toward the long term goal.

Instead of focusing on the major goal: “losing 5kg body fat;” break it into 2-3 actions that you can do on a daily basis.

For example:
-See a Dietitian
-Eat fruit and yogurt as snacks instead or chips and chocolate;
-Become more active daily, take the stairs, park further away at the shops, make the most of sunny days and get outside;
-Drink more water, replace the coffee, soft drink, alcohol and energy drinks with water will help get you feeling great and will help with your waistline.

By focusing on the strategies you should make progress toward your goals, and you will become healthier in the process.

Try these simple yet sensible steps that will help you adopt a healthier diet, not just for January and February but for long term life changes.

If you are serious about improving your health this year, team up with an Eat Smart Dietitian and follow an individualised eating plan to help you achieve your goals!!