Nutrition Tips - Anti-Oxidants


New Advice on Anti-Oxidants

New research presented at the recent Exercise and Sports Science Australia Conference, has changed the recommendations on Anti Oxidant Supplementation.

Supplementation was based on providing the body with additional anti-oxidants (VIt A, C, E) to recover from the "Free Radical Damage" from high intensity exercise. It was meant to help the recovery process.

What has now been identified is that when you take supplements, it stops your body's natural response to adapt to the training conditions. It was also shown to be ineffective at improving performance or recovery.

We do not recommend taking anti-oxidant supplementation for training effects.

This is also reflected with the new Heart Foundation Guidelines, which recommend that we get anti-oxidants from 2 serves of fruit, 5 vegetable serves, also from tea and coffee, and raw cocoa powder in drinks and cooking.