Nutrition Tips - Put Some Spice in Your Life


Put some Spice in your Life!

Herbs and Spices can be used to add alot of flavor to you meal, but without the kilojoules! They have also been shown to have various other affects on health! Anti Oxidants in herbs and spices help to prevent coronary heart disease, can lower blood sugar levels, and reduce intake of fat when subsituted in cooking.

Here are the top 5 common herbs and spices to use!

1. Basil (high inantioxidants)
2. Cinnamon (lowers blood glucose levels)
3. Garlic (improves immune function, lowers cholesterol)
4. Parsley (high in Vit C and aids in digestion)
5. Chilli (anti inflammatory and boots immune system

Other herbs and spices that have bonus health benifits include:Cumin; Cloves; Corinader; Rosemary; Mint; Ginger; Sage; Lemon Grass; and Paprika!

Fresh herbs are particularly useful in this way and can make a big difference to the final product. In general, due to their delicate flavour, herbs should be added in the last few minutes of cooking- particularly fresh herbs so that they retain their flavour and aroma. Finding the right quantity to add may take some practice and taste testing, which is all part of the fun!!