Nutrition Tips - Don't End Up Looking Like Santa


Don't End Up Looking Like Santa This Christmas

Three kilos is the average weight gain over the Christmas and New Year period.  That means that in approximately 30 days, a person who gains 3kg will have eaten an additional 18 000 calories overall or an additional 600 calories each day.

So, what does 600 calories look like on top of your normal eating?
1 bottle + 1 glass of champagne OR
5 full strength beers OR
3 mince pies OR
2 large slices (200g) fruit cake OR
300g turkey meat with skin OR
7-8 small roast potatoes (cooked in fat) OR
7 rum balls OR
1 ham and cheese croissant OR
130g chocolate covered sultanas (2 large handfuls)

To Burn 600 calories it is equivalent to (for a 75kg person):
- 100 minutes of aerobics
- 80min Jogging (10kph)
-2 hours Rowing Machine
-90min Skipping
-90min swimming

You can see it’s not difficult to eat and drink on Christmas weight however as many people can appreciate, it is difficult to lose 3kg.  For some people it can take up to 3 months to lose the 3kg they easily gained in one month

Let’s make Christmas 2009 different, let’s start 2010 at the same weight you ended 2009 - we have set the challenge.

Consult with an Eat Smart Dietitian to identify strategies to help you through the Christmas Period!