Product Reviews by Brisbane Nutrition consultants EatSmart


The Eat Smart Nutrition Consultants will regularly test and trial new products in your supermarket. We leave our final thoughts in the "Verdict" comment at the end of each new product we have reviewed.

Uncle Toby’s Plus Essentials for Women
A new addition to the Plus range of cereals – this one with added pomegranates and berry oat clusters.  This is a wholegrain cereal, which is a source of fibre, iron, calcium and folate.  Tastes similar to the other plus cereals.
Verdict:  A reasonable, healthy cereal but lacks flavour.  Good for adding variety for your cereal repertoire but probably won’t be a weekly staple.

Sultry Sally Potato Chips (Sea Salt, Salt & Vinegar)
A newcomer on the ‘low fat snack’ market – Sultry Sally’s are a baked chip (rather than fried).  They are baked in a healthy sunflower oil and are gluten free.
Verdict:  Pretty tasty for a ‘not fried’ potato chip.  Lower in sodium than most too – a good alternative when you want a packet of chips.  Remember to limit yourself to ¼ bag per serve though!

Coles Fruitage
A yoghurt-type dairy dessert product which is smooth in texture and flavourful.  Made from skim milk and is therefore low in fat and saturated fat.
Verdict:  Can be used to add variety to your low fat dairy intake – remember to have 2-3 serves of low fat dairy per day!  Could also be used as a pre or post-training snack.

Good To Go Smoothie
A ready-made smoothie that can be purchased from supermarkets or service stations and convenience stores.  Low in fat and saturated fat as its made on skim milk and contains inulin for extra dietary fibre.
Verdict:  High in calcium and fibre, a great choice for breakfast on-the-run or as a more filling in-between snack.

A flavoured milk which is portion controlled and is lower in sugar than most other flavoured milk.  Added calcium and vitamin D make it a good choice for those wanting to improve their bone health.
Verdict:  A good choice for adults and children in a the flavoured milk market.  Also good for those wanting a chocolate snack or ‘something’ sweet without breaking their healthy eating resolve.

Up & Go Vive
Similar to Up & Go in fat, fibre, vitamin and mineral content.  Vive is lower in sugar, carbohydrate and energy.
Verdict:  A small taste difference between the 2 products (likely only detected if tasting the 2 products side-by-side) but may be a slightly better option for those watching their weight or with diabetes.  The Up & Go range is a great option for breakfast-on-the run or for a convenient snack around training.

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