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Diets and Menus for Nursing Homes

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Nursing Homes and Hostels

With accreditation required every 3 years, and the continual threat of spot audits, it is important that Hostels and Nursing Homes have a menu that has been assessed for nutritional adequacy in line with Standard 4.8.

Lauren James (née Nugent) is a specialist in this field having assisted with over 16 accreditations and numerous spot audits. Eat Smart Nutrition Consultants can offer you a comprehensive package which includes:

  • An initial site visit to understand the intricacies of your operation as well as gather data
  • Computer-based nutritional analysis of the current menu and diet including compliance to the latest NRV's
  • Recommendations on appropriate menu changes to comply with nutritional standards
  • A comprehensive report for the facility and for accreditation purposes
  • Appropriate recipes or meal suggestions
  • An assessment of portion size and recommendations on portion control (if required)
  • Presentation to relevant staff of all recommendations and findings
  • Optional: Staff training
  • Optional: Presence at Accreditation meetings

We can also offer services to assist with compliance to Standard 2.10 assessing nutrition and hydration. We can see individual clients privately or through DVA and can assess your nutritional supplementation program for nutritional adequacy as well as cost effectiveness.

A package relevant to your facility can be calculated and a fixed quote given on request.