Tessa Blumke

Tessa Blumke

Admin Assistant
07 3217 8555

Hi, I'm Tess and I've been working for Eat Smart Nutrition for nearly a year now as their Administrative Assistant.

I thoroughly enjoy working for Eatsmart and have found the experience extremely fun, informative, and rewarding. I feel proud about how our business approaches relationships with food and that each of our Dietitians strive to provide patients with real life nutritional guidance to achieve their individualised and varied goals.

As a self-confessed foodie, who probably likes food a bit too much, I have learnt some key skills whilst working here about how to adjust my own diet to ensure I can keep eating the foods I love whilst working toward being my best and most healthy self.

In February 2019, I am lucky enough to be taking my position across the other side of the world with me when I move to London (so please don't fear if emails arrive in your inbox at slightly crazy hours of the day and night).

I would love to assist you in any questions or queries that you may have, so please feel free to contact me!