Eat Smart Specialist Areas

Our Dietitians Specialties

The Nutrition consulting that we do can be divided into five different specialist areas:

Businesses, from small through to large, are becoming more interested in maintaining their employees’ health and wellbeing. We can provide a range of services for corporate clients, ranging from presentations to large groups through to practical sessions with smaller groups. Lauren James is a specialist in the area of nursing homes and hostels. Our consultancy work also includes advising cafés, restaurants and school tuckshops on their menu development.

Sports / Athletes
We undertake a range of nutrition services with sporting groups (e.g. teams, squads and school sports programs) through to individual athletes.

Public Speaking
Smaller groups, such as sports clubs, health centres, weight loss groups, and the media are often interested in presentations or information sharing sessions with a dietitian.

Nursing Homes
With accreditation every 3 years, and the continual threat of spot audits, it is important that Hostels and Nursing Homes have a menu that has been assessed for nutritional adequacy. Lauren James is a specialist in working with nursing homes on their menus, individual client advice, and achieving accreditation requirements.

Public Nutrition and dealing with specific Health Issues
Through our private practice clinics, we spend time working with individuals to devise individualised nutrition advice for all aspects of nutrition including general health, well being and dealing with specific medical issues such as diabetes or obesity.