Product Reviews by Brisbane Nutrition consultants EatSmart


The Eat Smart Nutrition Consultants will regularly test and trial new products in your supermarket. We leave our final thoughts in the "Verdict" comment at the end of each new product we have reviewed.


Regal King Salmon
Bred in the Marlborough region of New Zealand to have higher amounts of omega 3 than atlantic salmon.  It has a richer orange/red colour than Australian Atlantic salmon and is dense in texture and moist due to the high oil content.  The fresh salmon is a great for grilling/baking or bbq and we find the smoked salmon tastes excellent in salads and sandwiches.
It is available in selected IGA stores in Australia.
Verdict:  A new breed of salmon offering a higher omega content. It has a richer taste due to the higher levels of the healthy omega oils, as a bonus this also provides more nutrition per serve.


You’ll Love Coles - Organic Salted Popcorn (also available in Sweet & Salty)
An air-popped popcorn which is convenient, low in calories and a tasty savoury snack option.  Sodium content remains low and the popcorn only has a subtle salty flavour.
Verdict:  A convenient, fibre containing salty snack great for those watching their weight. Also a good snack choice for those who are gluten or FODMAP intolerant.

Arnott’s Vita-Weat Snacks
A new product in the Vita-Weat range with a variety of flavours such as sea salt, seasame and cheddar & chives.  Low in GI, moderate in sodium, a source of fibre and low in calories.
Verdict:  A snack biscuit that is tasty enough to be served to guests but healthy enough to be eaten as a snack by itself or with a healthy dip.

Vita-Weat Rice Crackers
Another new line in the Vita-Weat range is wholegrain rice crackers.  They are made with brown rice increasing the fibre content.  Unfortunately they are not gluten free but are suitable for wheat free and low FODMAP diets.
Verdict:  These rice crackers are still low in fibre and high in GI but are tasty and crunchier than usual rice crackers.


Goodness Superfoods Protein 1st Heart 1st and Digestive 1st
New cereals on the market containing BarleyMAX – a high fibre wholegrain developed by the CSIRO.  High in fibre (almost half your daily requirements in 1 bowl) and high in protein to keep you fuller for longer.  Protein 1st is fruit free while Digestive 1st contains sultanas and apple.  All are low in GI.
Verdict:  A nutritious and tasty cereal, which will keep you fuller for longer with a great fibre content.

John West Tuna, corn & beans

A convenient canned product, which can be used by itself or in a salad, pasta, casserole or simply on toast.  Rich in omega 3’s, high in fibre and low in GI.
Verdict:  A convenient lunch or dinner option to add variety to your repertoire.

Canned chicken
New on the long life market is canned chicken breast.  Much like canned tuna, there is now canned chicken, which come in various flavours.  They are low in calories, high in protein and  conveniently packaged.
Verdict:  Tastes better than it looks!  A good alternative to canned tuna.

Carnation Soy Evaporated Milk
Evaporated milk is now available for those who are lactose or milk protein intolerant or simply prefer soy products.  It can be used for achieving a creamy mouth feel without adding cream such as creamy pasta sauces, creamy curries or in desserts.  Soy evaporated milk is low in fat and gluten free.
Verdict:  A good choice for those watching their fat intake but still wanting to enjoy creamy lactose or dairy free products.

All Bran Dual
A high fibre cereal from All Bran which boasts both soluble and insoluble fibre to help maintain regularity.  Soluble fibre softens the stool while insoluble fibre adds bulk – both are required for a healthy bowel.  Its sweetened with honey and apple to make it more family friendly.
Verdict:  Tastier than traditional All Bran with a good balance of both types of fibre – a good cereal choice for the family.

Uncle Toby’s Plus Omega 3 Lift
The Plus range keeps expanding with Omega 3 lift, which contains clusters of ground flaxseeds with sultanas & nuts.  Contains 200mg Omega 3 per 40g serve which is equivalent to 15 (Men) -25% (Women) of our daily requirement.
Verdict:  A nutritious and tasty cereal to help increase your omega 3 intake