Nic Berlin

I'm Nic

Nic is a Sports Dietitian with Eat Smart Nutrition consultants located in North Brisbane. He has completed qualifications with Sports Dietitians Australia and the International Olympic Committee with theory areas focusing on sports nutrition and awareness of mental health in elite sports.
Nic believes in developing a good relationship with clients as the athlete entourage and support system are extremely valuable. Nic can help any athlete take their performance to the next level through the power of periodising and personalising nutrition strategies. 
Sports Specialty Areas: 
  • Team Sports 
  • Adolescent performance development
  • Power and strength sports
  • Cognitive skilled based sports
  • Endurance based events
  • Supplements 

Follow the link and click ‘book an appointment’ button and Nic will be able to reply with available appointment times. Telehealth appointments also available.