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Accredited Practising Dietitian

Nutrition Consulting

Corporate Health

See also Cafés and Restaurants and School Tuckshops below.

Are your employees healthy, happy and performing optimally in your company or business?

Innovations, ideas and an efficient workplace can be achieved through enhancing the health and fitness of those who work with you. It is well recognised in school-aged children that those who skip breakfast don't learn as well and are more easily distracted during the morning. Who is to say that adults are any different? Many workers suffer from the afternoon energy crash that leads to the chocolate and / or caffeine run to boost energy levels. In addition, unbalanced diets can result in increased sick days and lower work performance.

Businesses, from small through to large, are becoming more interested in maintaining their employees' health and wellbeing. We can provide a range of services for corporate clients, including:

  • A speaker for one off workshops ( ½ - 1 day) on healthy eating with topics to include:
    • Energizing your mind and body
    • The latest on staying in shape
    • The good and bad news on fats and heart disease
    • Are carbs the enemy?
    • What to drink and when (caffeine, alcohol, sports drink, water)
    • How to cope with a busy lifestyle
    • Eating out, entertaining and travel
    • Eating for exercise
    • Foods of the future
  • A series of lectures / presentations on topics of your choice
  • Practical workshops, including shopping, label reading and cooking (quick and easy, healthy gourmet)
  • Work with caterers on providing healthy options at canteens, on site kitchens, or for meetings.
  • Individual workplace consultations
  • Corporate health programmes

We also combine regularly with experienced exercise physiologists and personal trainers if you are interested in a combined health and fitness assessment and program.

Cafés and Restaurants

Looking to update your menus?

Why not add some useful tips to guide your customers on food choices for their health and wellbeing? With the increased incidence of diabetes, obesity and heart disease in our society, we all have a responsibility to promote good health. Customers are more discerning these days and are often looking to choose wisely according to their health concerns. We can advise you on suitable alterations to menu items to fall in line with current health recommendations, "code" your menu to help customers make suitable choices, or analyse your recipes so that you can provide detailed nutritional analyses to your clientele.

For an example of what we can assist with, see the new summer menu range at the Vroom cafés in Brisbane - James St, Fortitude Valley.

School Tuckshops

"Smart Choices- Healthy Food and Drink Supply Strategy for Queensland Schools" were the new guidelines for school canteens which were introduced in 2006 by the Queensland Government and became mandatory by mid 2007.
See Smart Choices strategy (PDF document. File size - 500KB)

See also more Qld State Govt. Smart Choices resources (opens in new window).

Schools in Queensland are required to comply with these guidelines.

We can help advise your school canteen on suitable alterations which can be made to your menus in order to comply with these new guidelines.

See also EatSmart's Nursing Homes and Hostels webpage.