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Recipes from Holly, Kerry and Lauren 1/5/06

Coriander Rack of Lamb
Serves 2

1 rack of lamb (6 chops), trimmed of excess fat
ground coriander
1 can (425g) pie apricots (unsweetened)
100g low fat apricot yoghurt
1 tblsp self raising flour
½ cup dry white wine
Sprinkle rack of lamb with coriander. Rub into surface.
Spread 2 tblsp pie apricot over surface of rack.
Combine flour and yoghurt and spread over rack.
Place rack in 200 degrees Celsius oven for 60 mins until golden brown and tender.
Place 3 tblsp pie apricot in saucepan with wine and ¼ tsp coriander. Heat gently.
Divide rack in half and serve with sauce, steamed broccoli and sweet potato.

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